Monitoring Reporting

SES understands that turning raw data into an easy to read format i.e. reports, graphs and tables is fundamental to understanding the deviations occurring. Monitoring of a structure goes hand in hand with time that's why at SES we believe time is of the utmost importance. It's for this reason SES has once again pushed the boundaries. Real Time alarm's can be issued in a number of different formats: as a text message, email, or as an alarm widget which is permanently displayed on a user's computer screen ensuring that the structural engineers, consultants and project managers know immediately where and when deviations have occurred.

Viewing the reports could not be easier. Conventional document types such as spreadsheets, graphs, databases and CAD drawings are used to present the data, which allows for the data to be easily shared between colleagues and project teams. You will find it easy to download your projects reports via our web site. Data interpretation in a format that allows for useful post-survey analysis is important, and as a result SES is able to tailor-suit the reporting process. From real-time web based reporting to post-processed PDF format reporting, the data is provided to the clients and project's needs and specifications.

Contact SES for all your monitoring requirements and we will be pleased to provide you with expert advice and a service that is cost-effective, accurate and most importantly specific to your needs.